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Yay! Yale!

23 April 2006 5 Comments

Today has been the greatest day of my life. We went to Yale. Most people wouldn’t find this very exciting. But anyone who knows me will know that I love Gilmore Girls, a lot of which is set in Yale.

So, Dad and Mum dumped us in New Haven and left us to wander round for the day. We started in the Yale vistors centre where we learned some really interesting things. Then we went to the places we wanted to see, the art galleries, the Yale Daily News, and the rare manuscript library. Then there was a guided tour by an undergrad. This was amazing, she took us inside Branford college which is the college Rory (Gilmore Girls) lives in. It looked similar in some parts to the show, but all of it was beautiful old buildings. And we saw statues of important people that attended Yale, or had stuff to do with the University.

Here are some photos:

This is Handsome Dan, the school mascot. He’s dead now, so they stuffed him and stuck him in a glass box.

This is the foot of Theodore Woolsey. It’s rubbed shiny cos people touch it for good luck.

I wasn’t looking forward to today as much as Beth, so I was surprised when I enjoyed it so much. Dad will be proud to know that when left to wander the streets of the city on our own,we found ourselves in various museems and art galleries. I never knew learning could be so fun. We saw the Guttenburg Bible in one of the mueems. This was the first book to be printed using modern methods.

The college that we looked round was based on Oxford University. It was beautiful. The guy who designed it had O.C.D. and wanted it to look authentic and old, so went to great lengths to weather the structure, including pouring acid on it and burying and roof tiles. Crazy guy!
Wow, I think did learn something!

Some of the stories and legends surrounding the people we learnt about were amazing too. Whether it be the C.I.A flying into campus in helicopters to steal molds of the statues, or the first spy being caught out by eating steak wrongly!

The highlight of my day however, happened when we got back into the car. Beth was so overcome with emotion at having finally ventured into Yale, and was excitedly recounting various Yale anecdotes to Sally when the cup of boiling hot coffee that was balancing precariously between her legs suddenly found itself in her crotch!!
I couldn’t do anything to help because I was too busy trying not to wet myself!! I’m laughing now just thinking about it!! She had to get changed in the car, while I was still laughing!

Anyway, I’m afraid we don’t have that on video, so we’ll talk to you soon!

Yeah I’d love to talk longer but I’m so tired and we have a long day ahead of us. Six Flags baby! See ya tomorrow.


  • julie aka robyns mum said:

    hi girls,
    just been reading about all your last few days. Sounds like your having a great time. Did you actually touch the sting ray?
    So how many t-shirts have you bought,if you wear them all home on the plane you will get a bit warm.
    Hope Ian and Sally are enjoying their holiday and that you haven’t driven them completely insane yet.
    Nice to see you’ve got some blue sky in the photos.
    I’ve just put the washing machine on (that’s just for Shaz)
    Catch you guys later,

  • Anonymous said:

    Yeah – Yale!! Hope you remembered all your “gilmore” friends while you were drinking coffee and pretending to look intelligent!! (I didn’t think they really had the poor stuffed dog in the glass case; thought that was just for the show)!! Take care, have fun and speak 2 u later. lots of luv Kaz:)

  • Fav Aunty said:

    So pleased to hear that you are both actually LEARNING something whilst on your visit. Keep it up girls, it will benefit you more than your usual interest…..”checking out the local talent!!”
    Sudocrem is good for minor burns Beth……OUCH! Lotsa love, Shaz xx
    P.S. Thanks for that Julie!

  • Dawn said:

    Enjoying reading about your hols. I should now be thinking of doing a trip to New England myself. You have done some g8 stuff so far…keep it up! Take care LOL Dawnx

  • Anonymous said:

    Hi to you both
    Amy and I have been keeping up with ur adverntures everyday, and she wants to know if she can come next time?
    Had to write when I saw you had been to Yale!
    Hope you weren’t really sad and didn’t sing the song that Richard and Emily sang to the Handsome Dan statue in Gilmore Girls (what du mean you don’t know the words?!). Speaking of G.G, Amy Sherman Palladino did an interview about leaving the show as writer at the end of this season. Boo!!!!
    Hope you are not sneaking in episodes of season 6 while you’re there (wouldn’t put it past you), but then again your only there once, you can watch G.G on DVD as many times as you want back home.

    Take care, and keep up the writing!
    Leeanne & Amy

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