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14 April 2006 5 Comments

Hi everyone, sorry we haven’t written in a couple of days, we’re still here! No pictures at the mo I’m afraid, we’ve having trouble with the laptops so we’re using the hotel’s computer. But we have loads to tell you. I’ll tell you what I can remember and then Robyn will fill in the blanks.

First of all, we went to the memorial at the same congregation we went to on Tuesday, in Lyndonville. Everyone was so nice, and they want us to come back and visit. It was so cool hearing them all sing with their American accents, we’ve started to pick it up as well. Dead cool.

We’ve also done some shopping, I got some streetflyers, they’re trainers with retractable wheels, they’re amazing. And me and Robyn both got pom poms. We’re going to be cheerleaders.

Oooh! And last night, there was a cinema right next door to the hotel, and tickets were only $2.50!!! That’s like £1.50, so me and Robyn went to see She’s the Man, and Eight Below. Both were very good.

Robyn’s gonna talk now, in case you hadn’t realised, all the bits in purple are her:

Hey guys!! I mean hello there…
I want to send a big shout out to Kim who was so sweet to us at the meeting. We’ll definately be back!! Im hoping Dad is really proud of our bargain cinema tickets. Although Beth defeated the object of getting in cheap by spending a million dollars on junk food to eat in there!

We’ve tried Woopie Pie, Froot Loops, Sno Caps, Cookie Dough Bites, Pirates of the Caribbean food and Jello. American living is different cos they fry everything, or serve it with chocolate.
In fact, I’ve had so much chocolate… im starting to go off it!

Beth told me she was amazing at the Teddy Grab machines, and obviously I thought she was lying…but when I challenged her to prove it, she won 3 toys in one go. She managed to get 9 altogether and it only took her about 5 mins. Humble pie had a bitter taste.

Fergus… the car is a Dodge, but it says Chrysler on the keyring… so we don’t know what it is really! Its blue….

Well it looks like Robyn has run out of interesting things to say, though she lasted a lot longer than I thought she would.

OK shout outs, a belated happy anniversary to David and Leanne, hope you had a good time with Karen and Andy. And hi to Karen and Andy. Thanks to Shaz for your… interesting photo request, it was a pig by the way, one of the many I won at the hotel arcade. The grab machine didn’t have any racoons.

We saw another Kingdom Hall today, that makes 7 so far. We also met some more witnesses in Dunkin Donuts yesterday, they had been on the ministry, and they took us to see their hall which was just down the road from Dunkin (how cool is that?) So a big hello to Cecille and Terry!

OK, that’s all we can think of for now, keep spreading the word about our blog, and keep those comments coming! Love you all (well, most of you)



  • julie said:

    hi girls,
    glad to see you’re having a good time, we went on internet yesterday to check out Arcadia, knew you’ld be there it looked like a nice seasidy place.
    It sounds as if you will be coming back weighing at least 30stone, all those donuts and chocolate.
    Have painted the front porch so looks tidier.
    Behave yourselves,
    love mum

  • fwex said:

    Hey wassup girls, i had completely forgotten you were in USA. May you forgive me. You lucky girls!!!! Apparently you are having a wonderful time and the videos are great with amazing sceneries. Hope to see you soon and enjoy every moment of your stay

  • Fav Aunty said:

    Dear “Rob the Blob” dont make yourself sick eating all that chocolate …. bring some home FOR ME!!

    Dear “Beth-I know you’ll grow up one of these days” (streetflyers …. WOT??) Well okay so my first picture post was a bit of a challenge but top marks for the effort(I’m a bit disturbed about how youre mind works tho!)
    Anyway my next picture request is for you two and your “pom poms” (I’m not being rude … honest!!) with a bit of breathtaking scenery behind you. Thanks x x x

  • JAMES said:

    Hey gals! Sounds like alot of fun you’re having. Could you do some more videos and post them on the blog? They were so funny!

    Take care!

    P.S. Beth, i’ve started playing the guitar! Yey!!

  • Sy~ said:

    Heya gals!!! Amazing pics… it looks brilliant. Those Niagra pictures look awesome.

    Are you going anywhere near any themeparcs or owt? Who is it your staying with?

    If its 12:00 in the afternoon here… what time is it where you are?


    Hi everyone else!!!

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