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[10 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]
I’m With the Band

That’s right, I’m back playing with a band, and it feels good.  Last month I met up with a couple of mates for the first time in a very long time and we had a little jam.  Turns out we rock so here are some of the videos I recorded from our second and fourth band practices.  Check it out:

This first video is Teenage Kicks, by The Undertones.  This was only our second practice, so it’s pretty good considering.

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Lucid Guys on Internet Marketing #21 – Expenses

Part 21 in a series of Internet Marketing videos featuring David Congreave and his assistant Beth Rudkin.
This week David and Beth have breakfast on the business.
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I’m David Congreave, here with my assistant Bethany Rudkin, and today, breakfast is on the business.
What does that mean exactly?
Basically, this meal that we’re eating is going to be charged to the business as an expense which means it’s tax deductible.
Are you sure that’s allowed?
How …

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Broke Up by Brandon Pacheco, Acoustic Cover by Beth Rudkin with Lyrics

This is my acoustic cover of Broke Up by Brandon Pacheco. I loved this song from the first time I heard it, and I’ve been dying to learn it but there chords aren’t available online anywhere. So I spent tonight working them out myself.
It took a while to be able to play along to the song but when I finally transposed it to a key that suited my voice I realised that it was just C F G and Am. Go figure!
Anyway, enjoy.

Original chords for the song (if you want …

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IMTrustworthy – jingle by Beth Rudkin

This is a song I wrote for Omar Martin’s new site,

If you’ve got a website and the people don’t wanna buy
Cuz they don’t know if they can trust you and they’re not even willing to try
You need to get a web seal
So they know you’re for real… and won’t lie
But how can you know if a web seal’s any good?
Cuz most of them cost a fortune and they don’t get checked like they should
But if you went to Omar
Then your site would go far… yes it would
So go right …