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Man it’s late

16 April 2006 6 Comments

Hey guys, it’s time to make up for the lack of pictures, here are a load with brief descriptions below each one:

This is Mount Washington. It is a mountain.

This is Robyn at the waterfall near the bridge where I fell over

This is me at the waterfall where I fell over

This is me winning one of the 10 (yes I miscounted before) stuffed animals that will soon double of gifts for you all.

This is me holding them all. Duh.

I also added some more video footage! Whoo! Here are the latest escapades from me and Robyn. I’ve stuck the old ones underneath for anyone who missed them the first time round:

Crazy Beach

Me killing Robyn – take one

Me killing Robyn – take two

Chase Scene

Born to be wild

Old ones

Plane taking off

MTV Cribs – Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls tour

Icy Lakes

The new ones are pretty insane, so please brace yourselves. This is what happens when you spend too much time in the wilderness.

Anyway this post has taken me a long time to put together, so please so appreciation by leaving comments, not just here but on youtube aswell. Me and Robyn will make another post tomorrow morning with more details on what we’ve actually done. So stay tuned until then.


  • Fav Aunty said:

    Dear Miss Spielberg and Miss Lucas (you can decide whos who!!) Here are my suggestions:I think you need to work on your sound effects a bit more. For example, could you arrange to throw a brick,sorry I meant rock (you’re not in Gipton now are you) when you push Robs into the lake so we get some kind of “splash”?? That would just make your film a little bit more authentic. Secondly, please leave the singing to the professionals, my ears cant take it!! :-o
    P.S Dont know what to do on youtube, you’ll just have to be content with our comments on this site. xxxxx

  • james said:

    Hey gals! Thanks for those vids, they were ace! Your both crazy!!The pictures were very nice aswell. Keep em coming. If it’s not too much trouble, could I have an autograph from Ashley the Ashtree. Thanks!
    Take care now, bye bye then.

  • Anonymous said:

    ite girlz ur blog is awsome!! glad ur havin a gr8 tym u make me laff everyday wen i read it so keep it comin lol luv lauren b xxxxx

  • julie aka robyns mum said:

    hi girls,
    we have just been watching the new videos with nanny and grandad, they were overwhelmed.
    have to agree with shaz’s comments,
    not yet oscar material.
    Are ian and sally still with you, or have they made their escape, sounds like an idea for a sequel.
    see you later,
    mum and dad, nanny and grandad.

  • David Congreave said:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more stupid, you do something like this… and COMPLETELY REDEEM YOURSELF!

  • chad said:

    Hi Beth, rob,
    The film and pictures look good. Glad to see you are having a good time.

    Keep sending the pictures.

    All you need now on your film are credits.

    Chad, Sarah, Symeon

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