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Justin Bieber visits New Zealand

4 July 2010 No Comment

Ok, so this isn’t exactly “new” news, but after watching a video on YouTube about an incident in one of Justin’s interviews in New Zealand, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle all the incidents that people were talking about when Justin visited New Zealand for the first time.

Let’s start with his “welcome” at the airport. As you would expect, hundreds of crazed fans were there to meet him, and things got a little out of hand. Two fans stole his hat, and amid the hysteria, his mom got knocked over by the stampede of fans desperate to get close to Bieber. Was Justin happy? Of course not.

He expressed his feelings on Twitter, saying:

“Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people”

Followed by:

“I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans, but if you are all pushing, security won’t let me,. Let’s keep it safe and have fun.”

His mom was ok, but I still find it unbelievable that fans would get so crazed that they would forget to be human and just start knocking people down. Hurting Justin Bieber’s mom is not going to get the kind of attention you want from him.

And someone stole his hat. What’s up with that? Here’s a video featuring the two “fans” who held his hat ransom. I used the term fans lightly, because what kind of fan steals from someone?

The reporter’s comment at the end is pretty stupid too. Har har, why does Justin only have one hat? If he had 2 cars would that make it ok for his fans to steal one of them?

These two “fans” obvisouly got a lot of negative attention from real Justin Bieber fans. Did they really think that by stealing his hat he was going to agree to meet them and have his picture taken? What kind of precedent would that set? It’s people like this that give Justin fans a bad name.

They look so pleased with themselves, when they’re being interviewed. People like that should not be allowed to get media attention. I cannot believe that they said “he’s a celebrity, and it’s kinda what he gets for being famous.” How ignorant is that?

While Bieber was visiting New Zealand, he had two interviews that attracted a lot of attention for various reasons. The first was this:

You can watch the whole interview on YouTube, but to be honest it’s pretty boring. What people are getting worked up about is the fact that Justin left the interview to get dried off. Is that rude? Or is giving someone a shaken up bottle of soda rude? He got it all over his clothes, and he probably had more interviews to do that day, so wouldn’t you be annoyed? He did go back to finish the interview after he’d got himself cleaned up. I really don’t see why people were making such a big deal out of this.

Finally, here’s the interview everyone’s talking about:

Again, this is just the relevant part, the rest of the interview pretty much sucked. The presenter was asking Justin questions about himself, and the question he was trying to ask was “Bieber is German for basketball – true or false?” Justin misunderstood the question and people started saying “OMG Justin doesn’t know what German is!”

I’m pretty sure that Justin does know what German is, seeing as how he was seen in an interview in GERMANY a couple of years ago counting to ten in GERMAN. Let’s see if we can figure out why he misunderstood the question he was being asked.

So the question was supposed to be – “Bieber is German for basketball – true or false?”

But what the presenter actually says is “Er, ok Justin… um, Bieber, sorry, is German for basketball – true or false?”

Then when Justin asks him to repeat the question all the presenter says is “is German for basketball – true or false?” Then proceeds to say German over and over again. I’m pretty sure that Justin understood the word German, but since the presenter failed to repeat the entire question Justin has no idea in what context the word German is being used. That’s why he ends up saying “I like basketball if that’s what you’re asking.” He thought that “German” was slang for something, like “Justin is crazy for basketball.”

And people are all like “yeah but he showed him the card where it said the word German.” So what?! He flashed the card to Justin for like 2 seconds and pointed to the word German, he didn’t let him read the whole question off the card. He knows the word German he just didn’t get asked the stupid question properly. Get a grip. The presenter should have just repeated the entire question for him, or reworded it so that it made sense. This is just a case of terrible presenting. It wasn’t because of the presenter’s Kiwi accent, and it wasn’t because Justin is stupid. He just didn’t ask the question coherently.

So that was Justin’s first visit to New Zealand. Being attacked, robbed, pranked and insulted. Nice welcome.

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